THE DANUBE DELTA IN CANOE (8, 9 or 12 daysí programme)

This programme may take between 8 and 12 days and it is dedicated the adventure lovers. The ineffable of this and the originality of this programme consists of the possibility to get through the wildest areas of the Delta by canoe, with its channels, lakes and picturesque villages.

The group which has minimum 8 persons and maximum 15 persons move away in the canoe, being accompanied by an English - French speaking guide, who knows very well the ornithology-fauna and all the secrets of the Delta. A boat transports the luggage, the tents, the supplies and the "mobile kitchen". All the activities are based on the team spirit where everybody takes part in. Every day 20 km are done. The tents are fixed in the evening and everybody enjoy the traditional culinary specialties and the camp fire.

The canoes are silent, easy maneuvering, stable and allow the coming nearby birds and any other live creatures. Any canoe allows the moving away through difficult areas, where a common boat cannot pass. The ornithology passionate will have the satisfaction to see large bevies of pelicans, as well as other rare species in Europe as the white tailed eagle, the roler, the penduline tit, etc. At the middle of the programme the group is accommodated in a few pensions in a fishermen village. Thus, the members of the group can remember what a shower means, change the isoprene with a real bad and they can know the way of life of the natives. The return of the group to Tulcea (the place where the trip started) is done by a passenger ship.

The standard programme (9 days) :
1st Day
Arrival in the airport, transfer to Tulcea, accommodation in a 3 star hotel, dinner.

2st Day
Visiting tour of Tulcea city, arrival to Crisan, accommodation, visiting tour of the village, details about the programme, dinner.

3st Day
Leaving on the tour from Cazanel channel, crossing a few lakes, lunch, arrival on the old Danube, dig camping, dinner.

4st Day
Leaving on the tour for Madgearu channel, arrival in Letea village, dig camping, village visit, dinner.

5st Day
Visiting Letea Forest, lunch, the gathering of the camp; return by kayaks to Crisan, dinner.

6st Day
Visit at the information centre ARBDD, lunch, free timetable.

7st Day
The continuation of the tour on Vatafu channel, lunch, arrival nearby Sulina, camping, dinner.

8st Day
The gathering of the camp and departure to Sulina, accommodation in pensions, lunch, beach and bath in the Black Sea, dinner.
Sulina "by night".

9st Day
Departure to Tulcea, lunch, departure to the airport.

8 day programme: 480 euro
9 day programme: 540 euro

*Important: the tour is done with minimum 8 persons and maximum 15 persons.
The price includes the following services:
  1. Transfer from and back to the airport
  2. Night in a hotel in Tulcea
  3. Full boarding on the whole period of 8, 9 or 12 days
  4. French or English guide
  5. Ornithological assistance
  6. The transport of the luggage by a boat.