This program is conceived for those who like to discover the ornithological world in the Danube Delta. Very rich in diverse habitats, The Danube Delta offers shelter for over 250 bird species. For most of them, it is a nesting area, for others just a step for their migration trajectory and for the northern birds a place to spend the winters. Many species also settle their home here all year round, far away from noise and pollution.

The Danube Delta formed of lakes, canals, swamps and marshes is only exploarable by boat. All the areas of the Delta are well known by our guides who are good English/French speakers and good birdwatchers.

Some of the species you can see: glossy ibis, pigmee cormorant, bittern, little bittern, red necked greeb, Dalmatian and white pelican, 4 species of terns, white tailed eagle, red footed falcon, black woodpecker, syrian woodpecker, penduline tit, kingfisher, etc. Delta Voyage offers those interested in the birdsí world the opportunity to explore and admire this extraordinary universe

The detailed programme:
1st Day
Arrival in the airport, transfer to Tulcea by a microbus and accommodation in a hotel/pension.

2nd Day
Transfer to Crisan locality - the base location. Accommodation in 2 star pensions. The first contact with the birdsí world.

3rd Day
Ornithological trip by boat for the whole day, in the northern part of the Delta, having a picnic as lunch.

4th Day
Ornithological trip in another area with a picnic as lunch .

5th Day
Trip to Letea Forest, a totally different habitat from the previous ones where we can meet many species of trees and the famous sand dunes.

6th Day
Trip with a picnic in the south-east part of the village.

7th Day
Transfer to Sulina, accommodation in a new pension, visiting tour of Sulina.

8th Day
The Black Sea shore, different seacoast locations.

9th Day
Transfer to Tulcea in the morning and official trip to the Razelm Lake. Ornithological observations in this region.

10th Day
Transfer to the airport.

The programme includes:
- 9 nights accommodation full boarding, guide service on the whole period of the programme
- Transfer from and back to the airport by microbus, public transport on water, trips by boat in the Delta.

The programme may be personalized for each group.

10 day - programme : 620 euro/pers
*Minimum number of participants - 3 persons.