There are touristic programmes offered by our agency both in the echo-touristic pensions and in the 2 or 3 star floating hotels. They are conceived in such a way that they offer our guests the possibility to discover the scenery beauty of the Delta, to notice the flora and the fauna, to get in touch with the local traditions and culture or to try their luck in fishing. Beside the accommodation and the meal services we grand a special attention to the trips we organize.

The touristic programmes organized in the pensions contain trips by canoe, boat trips, by the pair-oar boat or by motorboat, depending of the distances and of the touristsí desires. The guides of the trips know very well the Danube Delta and speak English, French, German or Russian fluently. Our guides are capable of offering competent information about the social and natural aspects they had met.

In respects of the programmes organized on the floating hotels, we must precise that there are 15 base touristic routes, accepted by ARBDD (the Administration of the Reservation of the Danube Delta Biosphere). The floating hotels move away on the main channels and on the narrower, less deep channels the access is done by light crafts (pair-oar boats or motorboats).

For further details you may access each programme.